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  • Measurements
    These measurements may vary slightly due to the difference in the manufacturer. Please contact us if you have any questions concerning measurements before ordering your trailer. RAMP ENTRY OPENING HEIGHT 6' Wide - 69" 7' Wide - 69" 8.5' Wide - 74" ​ RAMP ENTRY OPENING WIDTH 6' Wide - 62" (60" Between cables) 7' Wide - 75" (72" Between cables) 8.5' Wide - 90" (87.5" Between cables) ​ LENGTH OF V-NOSE (INTERIOR) 6' Wide - 20" 7' Wide - 22" 8.5' Wide - 24" ​ INSIDE WIDTH OF TRAILER 6' Wide - 68.25" 7' Wide - 80" 8.5' Wide - 96" Wall To Wall On Interior & 84" Between Wheel Wells TOTAL EXTERIOR LENGTH *Add 3'6" To Size Of Trailer For Standard Tongue For Total Exterior Length ​ ​ TOTAL EXTERIOR WIDTH 6' Wide - 90" Includes Exterior Fenders 7' Wide - 102" Includes Exterior Fenders 8.5' Wide - 102"
  • Delivery and Pick-up
    Picking up your trailer: Our trailers are sold all over the United States, but built in South Georgia. You can decide to pick up your trailer at one of our partnering manufacturing plants or at one of our pickup locations in Brunswick, Georgia or Dublin, Georgia. Some factories allow pickups at the factory, some factories do not (see delivery/shipping options below). Trailers are to be shipped or picked up and paid in full within 7 days of competition notification. Pickups are generally available Monday-Friday and sometimes on weekends. Final balance payment is accepted by verifiable money order, bank certified check, bank wire transfer or ACH payment. No personal or business checks, no credit or debit cards are accepted for the remaining balance due unless approved by our staff upon the initial order of the trailer. Your final sales invoice/bill of sale and original dealer signed MSO is mailed directly to you or given to you directly upon pickup or delivery. If the documentation has to be shipped, allow up to 21 days after shipping/pickup to receive your final paperwork in the U.S. mail. Take all paperwork we mail you to your local DMV to register/tag your trailer. Most states allow for towing your trailer up to 30 days before formal registration is required. However, laws differ by states and we don’t know these laws. It is solely up to the purchaser to find out this information, and as buyer you assume all responsibility and liability for legal and safe towing. You will be notified by phone and/or email when your trailer is ready. Production schedules are set by the factory producing your trailer. The more complex options on a trailer the longer it takes. Build times vary depending on season, factory backlog, etc. There are no exact guaranteed finish times, only estimates. ​ Shipping your trailer: We have shipping companies that ship our trailers on a daily basis. Let us assist you in hiring one of our teams of professional drivers to deliver your trailer in perfectly new condition. Trucking companies change their rates based on, among other things, current fuel and insurance prices. Rates also vary based on the size and quantity of trailers on the load. One trailer can be single pulled to your location or wherever you choose to meet the truck. Delivery for multiple trailers (all shipped on the same loaded truck) is also available from some trucking companies. You only pay for the “loaded miles” during delivery. (one-way to where they meet you). If you have your trailer delivered/shipped, your remaining balance due on the trailer must be paid in full prior to the dealer/factory releasing your trailer to a trucking company.
  • Additional Questions
    If I order online, how long does it take for my trailer to be built? It varies by season, factory, trailer type, size and extra options and upgrades you select. From as little as a week or two or can be up to a few months for some brands, especially for trailers with a lot of extra customization. If you need a trailer in a certain time frame, please call us and let us confirm a completion date with our manufacturing partners. ​ Are trailer prices at stocking dealer lots the same as shown online? No, dealers have paid delivery costs and have operation costs, so trailers have to be higher priced on the dealer lots than online. ​ Are trailers in stock ready to pick up? Yes and no. All trailers shown on our site are available for online ordering, then are either in stock or built to your order for your pick up upon completion at the factory location you choose when ordering, or in some cases, you pick up at a designated pick up transfer lot near the factory. Yes, limited types, brands and sizes listed on our website are possibly in stock at one of our stocking dealership partners lots in Brunswick, GA, Dublin, GA and Douglas, GA. ​ If I order online for factory pick up, is delivery to me an available option? Yes! 3rd party, fully insured transport companies are listed on our website under Shipping . Contact them directly for a delivery quote to wherever you want to meet their delivery truck. Scheduling and delivery cost payment is between buyer and delivery company. Delivery quoted for per loaded (one-way) mile, all the way to you or at an interim location where you would like to drive to meet the delivery driver. ​ How much down payment is required with my online order? Deposits vary depending by factory, trailer base price and any extra options and upgrades you may decide. When you select your specific trailer and options, the site shows you the total minimum required build deposit for your order right in your shopping cart. Add or delete items as you choose. How do I pay my build deposit when ordering online? If your required build deposit is $1499.00 or less, you can pay at checkout with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex or your PayPal account. If $1500.00 or more, you pay either by a bank wire transfer, an ACH transfer or by mailing a bank cashier’s check to our office. With pre-approval we may accept a check from a large private or public company, religious organization, municipality, etc for the deposit amount. How and when do I pay my remaining balance due when ordering online? Some factories will take cash, or you pay by bank certified check or verifiable money order at pick up. If you contract a 3rd party transport company who is delivering your trailer to you, payment to our accounting office by bank wire transfer is required prior to your trailer being released from the factory to any delivery transport company. Am I charged sales tax? No, not when ordering online. All our online sales are processed through our Brunswick dealer. So, you are purchasing from an out-of-state dealer (unless you are a Georgia resident) and therefore we do not charge or collect sales tax. You are responsible for any sales tax or other fees your local DMV tag office may charge you when you register your trailer. You are charged the required sales tax amount when buying off a stocking dealer lot. ​ What other fees are charged to me when ordering online? None, only the price for what trailer you have selected and the options chosen by you. There are no other fees of any kind charged by us. When do I get my trailer paperwork to go register and tag my trailer? When buying off a stocking dealer lot, you get it when you pay and take your trailer. When ordering online, your final paperwork will be given to you by one of our professional sales representatives at the manufacturing plant or is mailed to you by our accounting office for your receipt generally within 14-21 days after pick up or delivery of your custom built trailer. Can I buy and register the trailer in a business name? Yes, whatever you tell us you want on the final paperwork, your name or your business name, your choice. Can I pay for all the cost of my trailer with a credit card or PayPal? For online orders, you can only pay the build deposit amount with a credit card/debit card when the build deposit amount is up to $1499.00. If deposit is $1500.00 and greater the entire deposit amount is paid by a bank wire transfer or ACH payment or by mailing a bank cashier’s check to our dealer accounting office. There are additional fees for anything over $1500.00 ​ How do I pre-pay in full for my trailer? Send our accounting office a bank certified check, a bank wire transfer or an ACH payment. Email for our bank wiring details. How many colors are available? At least one free color is offered by every factory, most offer at three or more free choices. There are also upgrade color choices available for an additional fee. Can I place a phone order instead of ordering online? Yes of course, it is always best practice to talk directly with one of our sales professionals in person. Just call our number 912-504-0552 and we will be happy to assist you. What if I am looking for a particular trailer or options I don’t see on your website? We offer hundreds of different options and more than likely we can provide it for you. Email or call 912-504-0552 and we will find out exactly what you want and see if we can provide it. Do you manufacture your trailers? No, sales are through authorized and duly licensed dealerships representing and selling quality, name brand trailer manufacturers. All our manufacturers offer a written factory limited warranty. What is the warranty on trailers you sell? Each factory brand offers their own individual, written limited warranty. Depending on the type and brand you purchase, the warranty is from 1-5 years. You will be given a copy of the factory limited warranty with your paperwork and you must complete it and mail it in ASAP to the factory for your warranty to be validated. The factory warranty specifies what is covered and for how long, and what parts are covered by certain component suppliers, like the axle manufacturer. There is no other warranty issued by the selling dealer except the warranty issued by the factory and other component suppliers. How long has Trailers And Cargo been in business? was founded in 2006. Today we sell online and through dealer partners to trailer buyers from all across the U.S. and in Canada. How long do I have to pick up my trailer at the factory after it has finished? Unless there are special circumstances, like inclement weather, family emergency, etc., all finished trailers are to be picked up and/or paid for in full within 7 days of their confirmed finish date. We understand that life happens and there may be circumstances that keep you from picking up your trailer in this required time frame. Please discuss your concerns about pickup to one of our staff members and will do our best to work with you. Who can I contact with any questions I might have before or after I purchase? Email or call 912-504-0552 for sales or other trailer information.
  • Cancellations, Refunds, & Exchanges Policy
    *THERE ARE NO CANCELLATIONS, REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES ONCE YOU HAVE PLACED YOUR ONLINE ORDER OR PURCHASED YOUR IN STOCK TRAILER FROM ONE OF OUR STOCKING DEALER PARTNER SALES LOTS.* READ ALL TERMS & CONDITIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE ORDERING.  ALL SALES ORDERS ARE FINAL! DETAILED PURCHASE INFORMATION #1-ONLINE PURCHASES All our online trailer sales are final and complete when you submit your online order. Orders cannot be changed or revised after your have placed the order. If you are not a committed buyer, or you are not sure of what trailer with what options you want, we encourage you to call us to discuss your questions or concerns or wait until you are sure before you order. When ordering your trailer online, you will pay a non-refundable build deposit at the time of order and if you cancel your trailer order for any reason or do not pick up and/or pay for your trailer within a reasonable time, not more than 7 business days of its ready availability date, (unless we agree there are serious extenuating circumstances), you could risk forfeiting your entire deposit amount as liquidated damages, at our sole discretion. Trailers are considered a vehicle and come with a factory Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO) for registration with the DMV in your state, (if your state requires trailer registration) with a VIN # just like a car. Trailers are built to order and once you place the order the sale is final. There are no refunds, no exchanges, no returns of any kind. All trailers come with a written factory limited warranty. #2-STOCKING DEALER PURCHASES All our stocking dealer lot sales are final when you pay for a trailer in stock ready for pick up or once you pay your deposit for a special order trailer from a stocking dealer. Choose exactly the one you want before you pay. Our dealers do not have room on their lots to hold your purchase so there are no layaway plans at our stocking dealerships. You must pick up your trailer within 48 hours of being notified of its availability. No refunds, no exchanges, no returns of any kind. All trailers come with a written factory limited  warranty.
  • Terms & Conditions; Purchase & Payment  
    Terms and Conditions: By checking the “I Accept Terms and Conditions” box required to proceed at checkout, or signing the detailed quote I affirm that I am the legal buyer and I am 18 years old or older, and I agree to and accept all the following terms and conditions. I understand and agree that if I cancel my online order for any reason after my trailer order is placed, accepted and confirmed, my entire deposit is non-refundable. Furthermore, I understand and agree that by placing a charge to or through my PayPal account and/or my credit card, the purchase shall be a non-face-to-face transaction but I agree it will be considered just the same as a face-to-face-transaction.  I understand and agree that my online trailer purchase is final and complete when I submit my online order. I understand and agree that my online order is accepted subject to the factory’s ability to build the trailer with the specifications I ordered, and at the prevailing price at time of production. However, if for any reason the factory cannot build my trailer as ordered at the price in effect at time of my order, I will be given the choices of 1) cancelling my order for a full refund of any deposit paid (less PayPal or other card processing fees if applicable on my order), 2) agreeing to pay any additional price increase imposed due to a written factory price increase, accepting the trailer the way the factory can build it, for what additional cost to me, if any. I understand and agree that some options listed on the web site are not necessarily available on all models. I understand and agree that if I cancel my order for any reason my full deposit is non-refundable with no exceptions, or if I do not pick up my trailer within a reasonable time (7 DAYS) of its written availability notification to me, I risk, at the sole discretion of TrailersAndCargo, forfeiting my entire deposit amount as liquidated damages for my trailer having to be restocked. I understand and agree that trailers are considered a vehicle and come with a Mfg Statement or Certificate of Origin (MSO or COO) for registration with the DMV in my state, with a specific VIN #. I understand and agree that I will be supplied the proper registration paperwork in a reasonable time after I pay in full and take possession of my trailer. I understand and agree once my order is placed, there are no refunds, no exchanges, no construction changes, no returns of any kind. I understand and agree that all trailers come with a factory limited warranty, not any dealer warranty of any kind, and if I have an issue with my trailer I will deal directly with the factory who produced it. By accepting these Terms & Conditions in their entirety, I agree to be legally bound by them and I agree to indemnify and hold harmless FUTHERMORE, I UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT ALL TRAILERS ARE PRICED FOR CASH AND FOR ONLINE ORDERS I CAN PAY THE REQUIRED BUILD DEPOSIT WITH PAYPAL, VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER AND AMERICAN EXPRESS ONLY UP TO A CERTAIN TOTAL LIMIT (currently $1499.00). FOR REQUIRED DEPOSITS THAT EXCEED SAID LIMIT, I AGREE TO MAKE PAYMENT FOR AT LEAST THE ENTIRE REQUIRED BUILD DEPOSIT AMOUNT BY BANK WIRE TRANSFER, ACH PAYMENT, VERIFIABLE MONEY ORDER OR BANK CERTIFIED/CASHIERS CHECK FOR THE MINIMUM REQUIRED BUILD DEPOSIT OR ANY ADDITIONAL AMOUNT UP TO THE FULL AMOUNT. I AGREE ANY REMAINING BALANCE IS DUE AT OR BEFORE PICK UP OF MY FINISHED TRAILER PAYABLE IN CASH, BANK CERTIFIED CHECK,  PRE-PAID WIRE OR ACH PAYMENT, DEPENDING ON THE PARTICULAR FACTORY POLICY. I UNDERSTAND SOME FACTORIES MAY NOT ACCEPT CASH AT PICK UP. I UNDERSTAND NO CREDIT or DEBIT CARDS, NO PERSONAL or BUSINESS CHECKS ARE ACCEPTED FOR ANY FINAL BALANCE DUE. END OF TERMS & CONDITIONS ​ Office contact information: Email or call our accounting office at 912-504-0552 for our bank wiring instructions and/or our office mailing address. Note: You can apply for 3rd party financing by clicking on any of the “Apply for Financing” links found on this website. Final payment is due from either you or your finance company at or prior to pick up within 7 days of your trailer ready availability pick up date.
  • Trailer Information
    When it comes to finding the perfect trailer, size is the first decision to be made. Here at Trailers And Cargo we offer trailers based on 4' wide, 5' wide, 6’ wide, 7’ wide, and 8.5’ wide enclosed trailers. No matter what needs you have, we offer a trailer for you. The information below may be of some help for you when it comes to picking the perfect size trailer for you. If you have any questions at all, our sales team is here to help. We want to make purchasing your next trailer as easy and hassle free as possible. There are thousands of options and ideas for the perfect trailer. Let our experienced staff help you in making the right choices for you. Let us help make your dream a reality
  • Privacy Policy
    We are committed to providing our users and customers with a safe and secure website to secure their personal information. We at Trailers And Cargo understand and respect the concerns about privacy while searching and shopping on the Internet. We collect information about the users that visit our site. The information collected, helps us to create a better site for our customers to use. All of our users information remains anonymous. Users may use without registering, but registration must occur in order to use any of the personalized services on our site. We use customer contact information to learn more about our visitors and the contact information is also used to contact users when necessary. Unique Identifiers are collected to verify the visitor’s identity and for use as account numbers in our record system. ​ may contain links to third party websites. These links are provided as a convenience to our users and not as endorsements by Trailers And Cargo of the content on the third party’s site and does not make any representations regarding the content or accuracy of materials on the third party websites. At , we use a feature on the internet browser call cookies and these cookies are not used by to collect any personal information about users, nor do we sell or make them available to any other organization. You have the option to disable the cookie feature on your browser or erase the content in your cookies file. ​ Any changes to our privacy policy will be posted here so that all our visitors will always know what information we gather, how we might use this information, and whether we disclose it to anyone. If you have any questions or concerns about’s privacy plan, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this website, please contact us at
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